Wooden Bow Ties

Wooden bow ties (also known as have become the some of the most attractive and stylish accessories for the modern, style conscious man (and woman). Demanded provides a select range of wooden bow ties Australia wide and to our international customers also. Our selection of wooden bow ties has been carefully selected from our range of suppliers and tested to ensure an exceptional level of quality and style, ensuring you appear at your best at all times, and for a long time. The perfect way to stand out just enough, whilst not being too overstated, a wooden bow tie will make those around you smile, whilst communicating that you definitely know what you are doing, style wise. Additionally, they make the most amazing gifts for those who have everything, or those who you have no idea what to buy for. Since there is not a plethora of information about wooden bow ties, why not read on and get yourself educated on all that is the wooden bow tie.

Types Of Wooden Bow Ties

Traditional Wooden Bow Ties

Probably the most popular type of wooden tie in Australia, and for that matter, the rest of the world, is the traditional wooden bow tie. Sporting the original dual-triangle shape of a more traditional bow tie, often with a fabric detail in the centre of the tie, as seen in the pictures shown, and featured on all Demanded’s wooden bow ties (except those with sandalwood details). WOODEN BOW TIES Being the most subtle step away from the traditional bow tie, a traditional wooden bow tie is the ‘safest bet’ when entering the world of wooden neckwear, or when purchasing a gift for a friend/colleague you don’t know ‘that well’ but sense would really appreciate a unique gift such as a wooden necktie.

Hollow Wooden Bow Tie

Maintaining the same shape of the traditional bow tie, however taking it a step further, a hollow wooden bow tie is the perfect option for some. The hollow piece of neckwear is sure to turn heads and peak attention perhaps a little more than a traditional wooden bow tie, and if your shirt is the main piece of your outfit, sporting some impeccable patterning, this is the necktie for you. In our experience, hollow wooden bow ties have been very popular as gift ties. We have sent many of these as gifts to bosses, boyfriends, colleagues, friends and more. These have been very popular gift wooden bow ties Australia wide.

Moustache Shaped Wooden Bow Ties

For some men, a moustache wooden bow tie is literally, the most masculine men’s accessory possible. We cannot verify this but, if Ron Swanson had a bow tie, it would be a moustache-shaped wooden bow tie. From a conversation starter, to a creator of man-envy, this is a must have, even for a man who would turn his nose up at any bow tie at all, and make incredible gifts for a bro, or for the man in your life.

Engraved Wooden Bow Ties

Adding another level of design to your wooden bow tie, patterning the actual wood in the tie, is engraved wooden bow ties where the wood is also engraved with a pattern or a skyline, as has been made famous by the Two Guys Bow Ties Company. The most popular engraving in wooden bow ties, is a simple spotted pattern, where spots are engraved and often exposing darker wood, appear in a large polka-dot fashion. This engraving adds an additional degree of personalisation to the the necktie, and can really make the tie even more of a statement piece for the wearer. Additionally, finding an engraving with specific meaning, can really make an engraved wooden bow tie an accessory that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Where To Wear A Wood Bow Tie?

Weddings Wooden bow ties have become a huge hit for weddings, giving the groom to be able to elevate his look from just a suit and tie, to something truly memorable, and often in doing so, providing his groomsmen with an amazingly memorable gift. For many weddings with a vintage, outdoor or natural vibe, a wood bowtie is the perfect option, and can often be matched to the wood of the trees in the area, say for an outdoor wedding, and having this connection to the venue and moment, as many couples would ditch the wedding accessories, with a wooden bow tie, you have a tangible memory of the day that can be passed down through the family.


Sure to make a statement, and to get those around you smiling, wood bowties are an incredible way to make any party outfit really pop, especially when well matched with your other attire. Perhaps the best place to really be able to wear some of your more adventurous wooden bow ties, for example a moustache-shaped or engraved wooden bow tie. Whether you take a more ‘traditional’ route or are more adventurous in your wooden tie selection, you are sure to be remembered, and add something special to any party you attend.

Corporate Events

Having provided wooden bow ties for events held by companies such as Coke (Blends & Beats in Melbourne, Australia) for their product launch of Coke with Coffee, the feedback we get is phenomenal. Adding their quintessential but contemporary cool perception to any event, and having this translate across to an a brand or a product, has worked well for many brands, and continues to do so. If you have an event coming up, why not talk to our team to discuss a corporate package that works best for your organisation.

Work Uniform

Wooden neckwear can make your business a whole lot more memorable, keeping you front of mind with your customers and potential customers. From hospitality, customer service, sales and beyond, wooden bow ties are a sure way to communicate a sense of style, forward thinking, out of the box thinking and overall care and excellence in your business. Ok, now you’re a little more educated, why not take a look at our wooden bow ties and transform your look.

How To Match Your Wooden Bow Tie?

In terms of matching, there are two considerations when selecting either the bow tie, or the outfit to go with the tie:

Wood Colour

Due to the nature of wood, there are a wide spectrum of colours and grains of wood that can be used to create the tie, and this provides an additional degree of personalisation to your tie, and your look.